Level Themes for Video Games

A Selection of Game Level Themes

From Epic Orchestral Scores to Quirky Catchy Loops

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Ancient Trail Theme

Game Level Theme

Orchestral, Epic, Adventure, Journey, Heroic

Our Hero journeys along the ancient trail, making their way to the ancient ruins.

There are many miles of travel to endure and right now, the path is safe and clear – but peril may await ahead.

Pirate Pier Theme

Game Level Theme

Folk, Pirate, Sea Shanty, Adventure, Jolly

The pirates are loading up their pirate ship, ready to set sail on the high seas.

They are not at all menacing however, you are welcome to visit their pier anytime – just don’t push your luck with them.

Squids Theme

Game Level Theme

Electronic, Quirky, Peril, Adventure, Comedy

After some tranquil swimming through the underwater world our hero encounters swarms of Squids!

Avoid them at all costs – don’t get too close.

Main Title Theme

Game Title Music

Orchestral, Epic, Adventure, Journey, Heroic

The opening title music for a recent computer game project.

The vast landscape is revealed ahead, and the journey of our hero begins.

Penguin Village Theme

Game Level Theme

Piano, Quirky, Peaceful, Comedy, Relaxed

The Penguin Village is a safe place to unwind and rest up.

Just ahead further into the mountains are the anicent ruins – but no penguin would dare venture there.

Underwater Theme

Game Level Theme

Orchestral, Emotive, Adventure, Dreamy, Cinematic

Our hero continues their journey in the vast underwater world.

It feels more like they are flying than swimming, gliding through the open blue landscape.



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