Music For Educational Films

A Selection of Musical Backing Tracks Produced

for a BBC Bitesize Series 2022

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Root Words

BBC Bitesize Series

Bouncy, Gardening, Harmonica, Piano, Cello

Educational film exploring Root Words and how they can grow to create new words.

‘Root Words are Words that can Grow’


BBC Bitesize Series

Atmospheric, Abstract, Texture, Tranquil, Dream 

Backing track for educational film exploring poetry, metaphor,

and the powerful imagery that words can conjure in our minds 

The Rhyming Game

BBC Bitesize Series

Rock, Guitar, Acoustic Pop, Electronic 

Do you know your rhymes?

Music for an educational film exploring all the many ways that words can rhyme, and a handy way to remember and recall them anytime!

How to Plan

BBC Bitesize Series

Electronic, Upbeat, Motivating, Abstract

When writing anything it’s always good to have a plan

Music backing for an educational film to help you produce the best writing you can

Punctuation Heroes

BBC Bitesize Series

Jazz, Big Band, Comedy, Upbeat, Energetic 

Educational film exploring what happens when punctuation goes awry and how to fix it. 

Featuring some very jazzy and disjointed music to help punctuate the film’s message.

Revenge is a Dish…

BBC Bitesize Series

Acoustic Pop, Comedy, Fun, Vocals, Dark

Educational film explaining how tow to use Colons.  It’s important to work together, and remember…

‘Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold’



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