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Wonderful Animated Short Films 

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Bob Bobbin & the

Christmas Stocking

Short Film Score (preview)

Directed by Linda McCarthy

Produced by Linda McCarthy

The family are back in a brand new film!

Another Christmas at Small Birds Singing and another disappointment for Spandisman.

Click here to watch the trailer

Heart of


Short Musical Film Score

Directed by Haraldur Pétursson

Produced by Hannah Holliman

Vocals by Bethany Allard

The legend of Medusa – the musical version!

What happens if you enter the cave?  Medusa tells her own story through the mediums of animation, song and just a sprinkle of comedy.

Pasiphae and

the Cretan Bull

Short Film Score

Directed by Andrew Whittle

Produced by Andrew Whittle

Retelling the classic Greek story of how the Minotaur came about

and in a far more comedic way!  Chaos and laughter awaits in this tragic dark comedy short.


on Mars

Short Film Score

Directed by Michael Tharme 

Produced by Michael Tharme 

Many have speculated, could there be life on Mars?

This film answers that very question, long ago there was.  Alien yet familar to our past giant dinos, these ancient beasts once roamed the red planet.


Short Film Score

Directed by Bella Watson

Produced by Bella Watson

An animated documentary exploring the normalisation of taking drugs amongst young people.

If Picasso was an animator, then this could be what his films would have looked like.

When Dreams

Became Data

Short Film Score

Directed by Jack Alexander Gray

Produced by Jack Alexander Gray

Exploring the many mediums of animation and how this captivating art form has changed over the generations.

The past, present and future are connected in this animated short where the characters literally come to life!



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