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Breathe life into your animation with emotive soundscapes and catchy melodies!

for Advertising

Bring colour to your brand with the medium of music!

for Corporate and Educational Films

Give your videos a narrative with music and engage your audience!

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Use memorable musical loops to make your games unforgettable!

Original Music and Sound Design tailored to your project's budget and needs

After studying animation and design at the University of Sunderland, Wez decided to focus on the musical side of film - and he has been producing music ever since!

Wez works with students and professional animators alike.  Some of the companies he has worked with include Slurpy Studios, the BBC, Comic Relief and Skwigly Animation Magazine. 

It has been a pleasure working with Wez, not only is he an incredibly talented musician but he also has an innate understanding of what a client needs and is able to deliver on time with his trademark polite and courteous style.

We look forward to working with him again and can’t recommend him highly enough to others.

Steve Henderson

Director, Manchester Animation Festival

Educational Projects

Wez has provided music and sound design for a variety of corporate and educational videos.  One of his highlights has been working on a series of educational films for BBC Bitesize with the award winning animation company Slurpy Studios

BBC Bitesize: Maths


BBC Bitesize: English

Which words end with -cious and -tious?

BBC Bitesize: Maths

Adding and subtracting fractions

BBC Bitesize English:

Silent Letters

BBC Bitesize: Maths

How to Multiply Fractions

BBC Bitesize Maths:

Unit and non-unit fractions

BBC Bitesize Films

Deadly Conundrums KS1 and KS2 explainer videos.

Sound design services provided for 11 BBC Bitesize films. 

I came to Wez a couple of years ago to have the music composed for my film – and couldn’t have been happier with the results!

Wez is an extremely talented and creative composer – and kept me very involved throughout the whole process. The result was a composition that really helped to tell my story, hitting all the key emotional moments, setting the tone and placing us in the context of ancient Greece.

I would recommend Wez’s services to anyone!

Andrew Whittle

Director and Animator,

Short Film Projects

A selection of soundtracks from some of the many wonderful animated films Wez has worked on with some very talented animators.  Below are some of the more recent animated films


by Bella Watson | Director and Animator

When Dreams Became Data

by Jack Alexander Gray | Director and Animator

Wildlife on Mars (pitch trailer)

by Michael Tharme | Director and Animator

Pasiphae and the Cretan Bull

by Andrew Whittle | Director and Animator


Directed and Animated by Bella Watson.

An Animated Documentary Exploring The Normalisation Of Taking Drugs Amongst Young People.

EXPOSURE is a Royal Television Society 2019 and Hollywood Golden Film Award 2018 nominated film, originally premiering in Moscow then screened around the UK, America, Mexico and Spain. 

When Dreams Became Data

Directed and Animated by Jack Alexander Gray.

In 1920 an old retired animator fires up his light-box and creates a new animated character ‘Max the Cat’.  To his surprise, Max springs to life! 

Many years pass and one day a young animator moves in to the same room where the old man used to animate – a room undisturbed for many years.  The young animator creates his own character ‘May the Cat’.  When these two cats see each other they fall in love. 

But one is a pencil drawing and the other only exists in the digital world.  How will they get passed this divide between two mediums and finally meet?

Wildlife on Mars (pitch trailer)

Directed and Animated by Michael Tharme.

A teaser trailer for the up-and-coming stop-motion animated film ‘Wildlife on Mars’.

We all know that Dinosaurs roamed the Earth many millions of years ago…

…but what if there was once ‘similar’ life on Mars?  

Pasiphae and the Cretan Bull

Directed and Animated by Andrew Whittle.

An animated short film inspired by the Greek myth of ‘Pasiphae and the Cretan Bull.’

Discover the origin of the Minotaur in this ribald retelling of the Ancient Greek myth of Pasiphae, wife of Minos, and her boundary crossing love.

The classics, cartoons and Carry On-humour mate in this demented romp.

Making my first animated film was a challenge in itself and I’ve never worked with sound before. My film is interview based so it was even more intimidating to imagine how I would incorporate music or sound over the top of audio that was already quite busy.

Wez listened to my initial ideas which were extremely vague and came back very quickly with a handful of different audio clip ideas. The moment I had options to choose from, I suddenly felt much more in control and formed stronger ideas guided by Wez’s knowledge. He tweaked parts along the way whenever I changed my mind and I am thrilled with the outcome.

I’m sure the music has been a massive contribution to the quality and success of my film being screened in multiple countries!

Bella Watson

Director and Animator,

Advertising Projects

Another project highlight is a series of animated advertisements for Etefy Online Supermarket.  Working again with the talented people at Slurpy Studios 

I Etefy because…

“Bringing the country to the city”

I Etefy because…

“No minimum”

I Etefy because…

“World food”

I Etefy because…

“Delivery within an hour”

I Etefy because…

“Online supermarket introduction”

I Etefy because…

“Delivery 247”

I Etefy because…


I Etefy because…

“24/7 Customer Service”

I Etefy because…

“No delivery charge”

Etefy Online Supermarket

“I Etefy because…” promotional videos.

Music and sound design services provided for 9 Etefy adverts.

I’d be happy if the chance for me to employ Wez on one of my film or theatre projects.

His music is invariably beautiful and utterly appropriate, and everything Wez does he does with professionalism and charm.

Barry JC Purves

Director, Animator and Writer,

Game Projects

More recently, Wez has been working on game soundtracks for indie games.  Below are a few examples of loops and themes he has composed and produced.

Memorable Music

A selection of themes and loops from different genres of games:

“Ice Hopper” – casual mobile puzzle/adventure game 

“Sunny Strolls…” – 2D Platformer (game pitch)

Game Trailer Demo – Fantasy RPG 

Working on a shot film as a tribute to the late, great Ray Harryhausen has been an ongoing challenge for me since 2012.

The short film is a fantasy, science fiction, slice of life look between two Martian dinosaur-like creatures as they fight for survival on a prehistoric Mars.

Part of the challenge has always been finding the right music for such a project that reflected the Bernard Herrmann scores that I personally felt enhanced Ray’s Stopmotion work in The 7th Voyage of Sinbad, The 3 Worlds of Gulliver, Mysterious Island and Jason and the Argonauts; without reproducing a carbon copy of Herrmann’s work and yet making something that a modern audience can listen and react to.

Wez listened to my samples of Herrmann scores with a rough animatic with samples of Herrmann’s work to give a sense of emotion and drama and through frequently arranged skype meetings he would play his work to me and listen to any critics or praises I had to say to further finesse his work.

From my experience, especially when discussing the work of other composers work along side Ray Harryhausen’s visual effects, music plays a huge role in connecting the audience with the characters on screen.

Michael Tharme

Director, Animator and Model Maker,

Music for Venues

It was an honour to be approached by the Manchester Animation Festival to compose their festival theme music.  

The goal of the music was to compose something that says ‘Animation’ and fills the listener with joy.

This theme pays homage to both the ‘Worker Bee’ symbol of Manchester and also Rimsky-Korsakov’s ‘Flight of the Bumblebee’.  

The music describes the day in the life of a bee, battling on occasions against the elements and yet diligently going about its duties while remaining upbeat and joyous.  

Music and Sound Design Production Process

(50% discount offered to all students for film, animation and game projects)

Step 1: Initial Meeting

First we discuss your project’s requirements to establish a brief.  I then deliver a quote tailored specifically to your project’s budget and needs.

Step 2: First Draft Delivered

We discuss the progress so far to ensure your project’s requirments have been met.  Once you approve the draft version, production will commence on the final version.

Step 3: Project Complete

The final version is delivered to you and production is complete only when you are 100% happy with it.  Any music/sound design can be re-worked as requested.

Frequently Asked Questions

answered by Wez


How much does your music cost?

The needs of projects can vary significantly.

An animated film could require 30 minutes of music, while an animated sting may only need 30 seconds.

A game requiring a bold and vast sound may need an orchestra of one hundred instruments.  Conversely, another game where a more understated and subdued tone fits best may only require a single piano.

The style and structure of the music can vary a great deal too.  Some music is extremely simple and can be composed within hours, while other more complex scores could takes days or even weeks to write.

Generally the duration, total number of instruments used and the style of the music are the biggest factors in determining how long a piece of music will take to produce; the longer the production time – the higher the cost.

Like music, project budgets can vary greatly too!   I have always found that whatever your budget there is always a great many ways to approach music production.

Whatever your budget, I can find a music solution that works for you and the needs of your project. 

(Note: 50% discount offered to all students for film, animation and game projects)

Hiring a composer costs more than royalty free music does.  What is the advantage of hiring a composer?

Royalty free music is fantastic!  These days there are so many sites at your finger tips where you can buy and download ready to use music in seconds, usually at the fraction of the cost of a composer too!

So why pay more and wait longer for original composed music when you can have royalty free music?

The advantage of a composer is that you are getting something that no royalty free music library can offer or guarantee you.  With a composer, your music will be completely unique – made especially for you!  And not only will it be original but it will have been tailored specifically to your requirements.  You will literally have music that will be one-of-a-kind.

You may find some royalty free music that fits your project perfectly.  You may not.  But whether you hire a composer or go with royalty free music, make sure you chose the option that is best for you!

Do you work remotely?

Yes, I work from my studio at home in Suffolk, UK.  However, I am available to work in-house with production studios for longer contracts as per the projects demands.

I often work with clients from other countries, often those situated in USA. 

Wherever you may be based, I can be available to work with you. 

I already have music for my animated film.  Should I worry about sound effects – are they important?

It is entirely up to you and will depend on what your film is about, its purpose and what you wish to convey to your audience.

However, if you are thinking ‘does my film need sound effects’ that would suggest you subconsciously know it is missing them – or the music you currently have is not written in a way that it is able to take on the role of pinpointing action.

It is important to understand that music and sound effects are often used for two very different purposes – and although the medium of music in particular is subjective, this is how I would personally differentiate their roles:

Music is animation’s voice, emotion and soul.  

It drives the narrative; steering the story and taking the audience on a journey.  When animation and music combine, they form a partnership in a grand performance; a singular entity of the visual and the auditory.  This in turn connects to us on a much deeper level, that can even change the emotions we feel.  And most importantly, it can tell us ‘what’ to feel.

Sound Design is the process of recording, creating, augmenting and sequencing sound.

In film, we often refer to these sounds as Foley, soundscapes, spot-effects, or simply sound effects.  They play a vital role in the world of animation, whether the medium is film or games.  These sound effects pin-point animation’s key moments and transform scenes into something that we can consider tangible, while creating an experience that is truly magical.

Why should I hire you as my composer or sound designer?

With the internet at our fingertips and technology getting better and more affordable, it is no wonder there are plenty of choices available when it comes to deciding upon a sound artist for your project.  So why chose me?

Professionally, I have been providing sound design for 3 years and composing for 5 years, although I have been composing as a hobbyist for over 10 years.

I have been playing piano for over 20 years and I am proficient in a great many styles from contemporary and classical to jazz and experimental. 

After studying Animation and Design as a post-graduate researcher and I freelanced in a variety of visual arts roles including, animation, story-boarding, character design, illustration and graphic design.  I found that my experience in animation has helped me to better understand the needs of a film or game project as I can put myself ‘in the shoes’ of the artists I have worked with.

I am also an animation enthusiast and attend festivals as often as I can.  For over 7 years I worked as a volunteer at the Bradford Animation Festival and then the Manchester Animation Festival.  I was also a journalist for Skwigly Animation Magazine which gave me further insight into both animation and music composition.

Using only high quality equipment, hardware and instruments for my music I make all tracks are mixed to the highest quality.


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