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Underwater Theme

Game Level Theme

Orchestral, Emotive, Adventure, Dreamy, Cinematic

Our hero continues her journey in the vast underwater world. It feels more like she is flying than swimming, gliding through the open blue landscape.

Punctuation Heroes

BBC Bitesize Series

Jazz, Big Band, Comedy, Upbeat, Energetic

Educational film exploring what happens when punctuation goes awry and how to fix it.  Featuring some very jazzy and disjointed music to help punctuate the film’s message.

Heart of Stone

Short Musical Film Score

Musical, Creepy, Comedy, Horror, Mythology

Telling the tragic story of Medusa through animation, song and a sprinkle of comedy.  Dir. Haraldur Pétursson, Prod. Hannah Holliman and Vocals by Bethany Allard



Quirky, Corporate, Electronic, Bouncy

Backing music for an animated advert produced by Slurpy Studios Animation.

(Sound Design was also provided for this film)

Action Trailer

BBC Animated Series

Cinematic, Historical, Comedy, Epic, Dark

‘The Plotters are coming!’ 

Music and Sound Design for a BBC Teach animated comedy series,

‘The Gunpowder Plot’

Young Girl’s Theme

Game Character Suite

Orchestral, Emotive, Adventure, Journey, Heroic

A young child bravely overcomes several hardships and tragedies. She manages to give hope to her family and friends through positivity and determination, despite her anonymity.



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