Music and Sound Design

for Animation, Games and Venues


Music Demo Reel

-Music for advertising/commercials-

Bring colour to your brand

with the medium of music!


Music Demo Reel

-Music for animated film-

Breathe life into your animation

with emotive soundscapes and catchy melodies!


Music Demo Reel

-Music for corporate videos and venues-

Give your videos a narrative with music

and engage your audience!


Music Demo Reel

-Music for games-

Use memorable musical loops

to make your games unforgettable!

So what exactly can music and sound design do for your animated film or game?


is animation’s voice, emotion and soul. 

It drives the narrative; steering the story and taking the audience on a journey.

When animation and music combine, they form a partnership in a grand performance; a singular entity of the visual and the auditory.

This in turn connects to us on a much deeper level, that can even change the emotions we feel.

And most importantly, it can tell us ‘what’ to feel.

Sound Design

is the process of recording, creating, augmenting and sequencing sound. 

In film, we often refer to these sounds as Foley, soundscapes, spot-effects, or simply sound effects. 

They play a vital role in the world of animation, whether the medium is films or games.

These sound effects pin-point animation’s key moments and transform scenes into something that we can consider tangible,

while creating an experience that is truly magical.

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