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Music and Sound Design for Animation, Film, Games and New Media

BBC Bitesize- Maths – Adding and Subtracting Fractions

Game Trailer Demo – Mystical Adventure

Music for Advertising – Those in Need

Animated Short Film – Pasiphae and the Cretan Bull

Music for Advertising – The Calculator

I Etefy Because… “World Food”

I Etefy Because… “24/7 Customer Service”

I Etefy Because… “Online Supermarket Introduction”

I Etefy Because… “Londoner”

I Etefy Because… “Bringing The Country To The City”

I Etefy Because… “Delivery 24/7”

I Etefy Because… “Delivery Within An Hour”

I Etefy Because… “No Delivery Charge”

I Etefy because… “No minimum”

BBC Bitesize: English – Which words end with -cious and -tious?

Music for Game Demo – Wizards Adventure

Short Film Score – Dinovember

Manchester Animation Festival Theme Tune

Hope – Music for Film Theme Demo

Heroes and Villains (Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer Rescore)

Wez Allard is a Freelance Music Composer and Sound Designer from Suffolk, UK.  


From studying animation Wez discovered his passion – producing music and sound effects for animated film and his experience in animation has allowed him to understand the importance of balance between film and music.  


Wez has composed music and provided sound effects for a variety of clients including Comic Reliefthe BBC and independent filmmakers and students alike.  


When not writing music, Wez occasionally writes articles for Skwigly Animation Magazine.


From short films and adverts to corporate and educational videos, Wez has provided music and sound design for a variety of projects in many different musical styles from quirky electronica tunes to classical orchestral scores.