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BBC Bitesize- Maths – Adding and Subtracting Fractions

Game Trailer Demo – Mystical Adventure

Music for Advertising – Those in Need

Animated Short Film – Pasiphae and the Cretan Bull

Music for Advertising – The Calculator

I Etefy Because… “World Food”

I Etefy Because… “24/7 Customer Service”

I Etefy Because… “Online Supermarket Introduction”

I Etefy Because… “Londoner”

I Etefy Because… “Bringing The Country To The City”

I Etefy Because… “Delivery 24/7”

I Etefy Because… “Delivery Within An Hour”

I Etefy Because… “No Delivery Charge”

I Etefy because… “No minimum”

BBC Bitesize: English – Which words end with -cious and -tious?

Music for Game Demo – Wizards Adventure

Short Film Score – Dinovember

Manchester Animation Festival Theme Tune

Hope – Music for Film Theme Demo

Heroes and Villains (Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer Rescore)