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By wezallardmusic

‘Ice Age: Collision Course’ – Filmmakers’ Presentation

On 12, Jul 2016 | No Comments | In Uncategorized | By wezallardmusic

Our favorite Saber-toothed Squirrel-Rat ‘Scrat’ is chasing his elusive acorn again, but where will he drive the Ice Age story next?

Blue Sky and 20th Century Fox’s latest installment of the Ice Age franchise Ice Age: Collision Course might lead Manny, Sid, Diego and the rest of their ever-growing herd to extinction when asteroids are sent hurtling towards planet Earth! But who is responsible for this cosmic chaos?  Well, it’s Scrat of course – an icon in the animation world and yet a catalyst for certain disaster – unwittingly steering the story and reminding us how even something very small and insignificant can literally transform a world (has there ever been a better or more hilarious analogy for the ‘Butterfly Effect’? I don’t think so!).

IceAge_charactersThe story starts with Scrat looking for somewhere to store his prized acorn.  Finding an extruding block of ice, Scrat plants his acorn down only to find it is actually a control panel and finds himself inside a frozen spaceship (remember the Ice Museum scene from the first film?).  The acorn activates the spaceship and soon Scrat is flying into space – completely unaware of what is going on.  Scrat finds himself fighting with the spaceship, randomly hitting buttons on the control panels in a desperate attempt to retrieve his acorn from the ship’s grasp.  Through his actions, Scrat accidentally forms our solar system by accidentally hitting the moon which then collides with the other planets which are arranged uniformly like billiard balls, resulting in the construction of Saturn (by one ball coming to rest in the middle of a ring) the Great Red Spot of Jupiter (when Mars collides with it) and even the formation of star constellations – creating the astrological zodiac signs.  In turn, this triggers a chain reaction of events resulting in a series of asteroids heading straight for our planet.

Collision Course sees the return of Buck the one-eyed weasel from Dawn of the Dinosaurswho warns the herd of what is to come.  Taking his advice, the herd leave their home to embark on a quest, meeting a host of new and colorful characters along the way.

If by any chance you have not seen the trailer already – be sure to watch it now:

Filmmakers’ Presentation

At this year’s Annecy International Animated Film Festival, Mike Thurmeier and Lori Forte (joined by the festival’s artistic director, Marcel Jean) hosted an Ice Age: Collision Course exploring what they have done new in the their latest installment of the franchise and showcasing a near 20 minutes of scenes from the film!

I can remember in 2004 when I was first learning to animate in Maya, I bought the book Blue Sky: The Art of Computer Animation and I was fascinated by everything illustrated; from the staging of each shot to the modelling of the characters.  But what stood out the most was their style and colour palette; consistent in all aspects throughout the book.  You could see the angular nature of Manny’s tusks mirrored in the forms of all flora, rock and ice.  Each and every character followed a specific colour palette that allowed them to be a feature in their environment while also fitting in so naturally with it.  All in all, the Ice Agefilms are visually beautiful and this unique stylized look that is so important has been carefully carried through with sincerity in each and every film.

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