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2016 August



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By wezallardmusic

Chvrches ‘Bury It’ Music Video – An Interview with Mighty Nice

On 22, Aug 2016 | No Comments | In Uncategorized | By wezallardmusic

In 2015 Scottish synthpop band Chvrches released their second album Every Open Eye. Bury It was a song from that album and Chvrches; collaborating with Hayley Williams ofParamore, released a Bury It remix – complete with a stunning animated music video  co-directed by Mighty Nice and UK comic illustration artist Jamie McKelvie.  The music video portrays the band members and Hayley Williams as animated characters, travelling together through a vibrant city skyline and moving objects with their telekinetic powers – which I could describe as Mirror’s Edge meets a much happier version of Akira.  The song tells a story about doing the right thing when it is not always an easy thing to do – and ‘rising above’ the urge to take the easy road.  Quite brilliantly this message translates literally through the characters’ actions, continuously reiterating that,

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